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Monday, February 23 2015

A wonderful man, CT was. He graciously gave me an interview after a past show at the Eastman Theatre which also
featured David Glasser. Clark said, "I enjoyed very much my time with the Ellington band and the Basie band". We then

spoke about Ben Webster. He talked about how Ben Webster had somewhat of a bad temper, stating, "He was like a bull
in a china shop. He was just as brute-a-ful as he was beautiful. Nobody will ever play a ballad like Ben Webster. Nobody!"
The jazz world was lucky to have Clark Terry in it! May you rest in peace Clark.
(December 14, 1920 – February 21, 2015)

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Saturday, November 15 2014

Excited as all get out, to be able to hear the great Bill Charlap Trio tonight at the world reknown Village Vanguard! My favorite working trio, period!!!

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Saturday, June 29 2013
Out of all the music I heard at XRIJF, I was moved by the music and emotion of Christian McBride's band the most!  
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Saturday, June 29 2013
The final day of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. :( SAY IT ISN'T SO!
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Wednesday, December 12 2012

The World Can't End Today, I Don't Have My Bills Paid Yet! - Tom Pethic

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Tuesday, December 11 2012

The latest holiday gift idea is now here!
From a friend. I think they meant "assorted."
You big stinker!

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Tuesday, December 11 2012

Did anyone see the coverage of Dave Brubeck's death this past Sunday on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood? The late Ed Bradley must have left his mark on CBS News, as he was a huge champion for jazz music and its history. Refreshing to say the least.

          9:00 - 10:30 AM ET


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Thursday, December 06 2012
Kudos to NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and CBS News, for covering the death of jazz icon Dave Brubeck, which occurred yesterday. I did not have a chance to catch ABC's coverage, but I assume they told this important story also. Jazz very seldom gets any kind of national coverage. However, Dave Brubeck's death caused this well deserved coverage to happen! On Artistry in Jazz this Saturday (6:00 PM), I'll be airing my interview with Mr. Brubeck and Bobby Millitello, his altoist of 20 years. These interviews were conducted after their performance during the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. I hope you'll tune in.
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Wednesday, December 05 2012

I am very saddened by the news that Dave Brubeck passed away today. God bless him, as he lived 1 day shy of living 92 full years on this earth! Over the years, he has had a love affair with Rochester, New York. I'll never forget when I interviewed him several years ago after his performance at the Rochester International Jazz Festival. He talked about how he felt when he made it on the cover of Time magazine before Duke Ellington did. I remember him saying during my interview with him, "It made me sad. He should have been first. He was my mentor." What a self-less human being he was. Thanks for ALL the years of your great music. Rochester will miss you Mr. Brubeck! RIP Maestro

I'll be airing a special 2 hour tribute to Dave Brubeck and his music on Artistry in Jazz, starting at 6 pm on Saturday, December 8th, streaming at and broadcasting on Jazz 90.1 FM - WGMC.

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Thursday, November 29 2012

The NHL players and owners are missing the big picture. Hockey is 3/4 of a sport (if that) when it comes to television revenue! My love of hockey makes this difficult to admit, but it's true. In other words, get your act together gentlemen!

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