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Thursday, May 20 2010
Even though my Sabres didn't make it past the 1st round of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, I still enjoy watching the Eastern and Western Conference series. It's a great sport and those that do appreciate hockey for the sport that it is are quite similar to jazz lovers. Their passion runs deep! I'm pulling for the Flyers (Danny Briere) and the Blackhawks (Patrick Kane-from Buffalo) to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. Have you ever attended an NHL game?

Lord Stanley
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Tuesday, May 18 2010
The jazz world lost another giant on Sunday, May 16th, 2010. Jazz pianist Hank Jones died at age 91. He was much low key, compared to his younger brothers, Thad and Elvin. However, he was one of the most highly regarded pianists in the business. I played a tribute show in honor of Mr. Jones on May 17th. I urge you to look into his music more, if you haven't done so.
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Sunday, May 09 2010

I know it's old news. However, were you not angered as I was, when you heard that Pittsburg Steeler's wide receiver Santanio Holmes would not turn off his IPOD when the jet he was on was preparing to land. These atheletes are way to into themselves these days and forget where they came from. The authorities should have thrown the book at Holmes. Love to hear your comments regarding these immature male sports figures.

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