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Monday, February 27 2012

Enjoy this recent release on Challenge Records by traditional tenorist, Harry Allen.  Rhythm On The River has a river theme and a supporting cast of bassist Joel Forbes, drummer Chuck Riggs, and cornetist Varren Vache. Allen swings harder than ever, but the highlight on this recording for me is the wonderful playing of Italian pianist Rossano Sportiello. Rossano is a very much in-demand pianist in the studio. Last year, Rossano put on quite the show at our beloved Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival's Jam Session, as he sported his prowess with stride-piano playing! Any time one can hear  stride piano, it is truly a treat!
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Monday, February 27 2012
Rochester, New York is the birthplace of:

                     J O E  R O M A N O                                   S T E V E  G A D D                           C A B  C A L L O W A Y               C H U C K  M A N G I O N E
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Wednesday, February 15 2012
I had been under the weather since the weekend and had no chance to comment on Whitney Houston's untimely death. Very sad. One wonders why her team of people left her alone. I will never forget her singing of the National Anthem, when the Bills lost to the Giants in the first Bills Super Bowl. Nobody will ever sing it with such pureness and soul. I cry every time I hear her sing it.
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Saturday, February 11 2012

Lindy Ruff should break three ribs more often! The Sabres have really played well as of late and look to make the Tampa Bay Lightning their next victim, tonight on home ice! Go Sabres!

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Saturday, February 11 2012
This evening, my old program, Artistry in Jazz with Tom Pethic, is coming back to the airwaves of Jazz 90.1!. It will air every Saturday from 6-8pm! I'm very excited about this. I hope you'll join me.
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Friday, February 10 2012

Listen to Jazz 90.1 (streaming at for important African American Vignettes during Black History Month. Visit for more information. As you may know and should know by now, American jazz music was born through the African American Experience. It's more than just music!

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Sunday, February 05 2012
Yet another suspense-filled-end-of-season-rush for Buffalo to make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They have really been on a tear as of late. At time of this entry, they are only 2 points out of a playoff spot. Not to mention, Ryan Miller is playing out of his mind! At the trade deadline, the Sabres also made what looks like a very good trade.
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