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Thursday, November 29 2012

The NHL players and owners are missing the big picture. Hockey is 3/4 of a sport (if that) when it comes to television revenue! My love of hockey makes this difficult to admit, but it's true. In other words, get your act together gentlemen!

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Friday, April 06 2012


It was another frustrating end to yet another NHL season for our Buffalo Sabres!!! It was a fun run while it lasted I suppose. Bright spots: Marcus Foligno (son of former Sabre Mike Foligno), Nathan Gerbe (a totally frustrating player to face), Tyler Ennis (also a frustrating player to play against), and a few more... I never made it to a game this year, but probably saw at least 70 of their televised games. Lastly, they would not have won as many late season points as they did, if it weren't for Ryan Miller! "Better luck next year!" is pretty much a staple comment for most of us Western New York hockey and football fans!

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Monday, March 05 2012
I'm disgusted that teams such as the Saints have taken part in financial bounties, where a team member would collect money if he injured a particular player and knocked said player out of the game! Evidently other teams have fell to these depths, in the so-called name of winning...
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Sunday, May 09 2010

I know it's old news. However, were you not angered as I was, when you heard that Pittsburg Steeler's wide receiver Santanio Holmes would not turn off his IPOD when the jet he was on was preparing to land. These atheletes are way to into themselves these days and forget where they came from. The authorities should have thrown the book at Holmes. Love to hear your comments regarding these immature male sports figures.

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